Senior Real Estate Analyst

Location: NYC, NY
Full Time
We are seeking a Senior Real Estate Analyst that will report directly to our Head of Listing Services. The ideal candidate possesses both strong quantitative and qualitative abilities along with a significant desire to gain an in-depth understanding of real estate investment sales and ownership syndicates. Position entails working on a wide array of asset classes, including but not limited to: Office, Retail, Multi-Family, Hospitality, Mixed-use, and Industrial.


  • Analyze real estate assets from major markets across the U.S that are applying to get listed on the SYNDEX exchange
  • Review and analyze complex documentation including: partnership agreements, loan documents, tenant leases, financial statements and other materials as part of the due diligence process
  • Research and evaluate demographic, economic, ownership, and real estate market data
  • Organize and present data analysis, draw objective conclusions and make recommendations
  • Perform complicated financial and spreadsheet analysis and modeling for 3, 5, and 10 year cash flow projections
  • Excel and Argus modeling of income producing assets and joint venture waterfall structures
  • Prepare presentations, offering memoranda and financial reports
  • Aide in the preparation of proposals, presentations and reports
  • Attend client meetings as well as interact with prospective issuers


Additional Information

Compensation will be competitive and will be based on the specific experience and capabilities of the candidate.
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